Self-care: it's time to start loving yourself

If you want to lead a happy life, learn how to love yourself. If you want to get into a new relationship, make sure you love yourself first. If you want to treat your family well, make sure that you learn how to take care of yourself first.
Why? Because if you learn to love of yourself, you'll be happier, you'll treat others in a much better way, you'll leave toxic relationships, the more you love yourself the more love you'll be able to give to your loved ones.

Taking care of yourself can mean taking a day off when you feel like it, having a pamper session, making yourself a cup of tea, doing yoga, meeting a friend or simply watching your favorite TV show.
Simply put, taking care of yourself is doing what you feel is right in that moment, being yourself, and not pushing yourself into doing something you don't want.

Let's get into some ideas, how to take care of yourself, so that you would fall in-love with yourself.

Stop focusing on what you don't like about yourself, instead find more things that you love about yourself. Don't judge yourself, don't worry about future too much and most importantly don't dwell on the past.
Be kind to yourself, be your own inspiration, instead of bringing yourself down, always lift yourself up. Love yourself unconditionally.

Having a journal and writing each day is such a great way to take care of yourself and your mind. Write down what's making you feel uneasy, write down your goals, dreams, wishes, write down any thoughts that come to your mind and most importantly write down what you're grateful for today. Try to start and/or finish your day by writing down everything that makes you happy, what made you smile that day. By being grateful you'll be open to even more good things coming into your life.

Seriously, learning how to say no is such a good thing to your mental health. Even better if you learn to say no without having to explain yourself.

Yes, learning to say no is important, but so is learning how to say yes. Say yes to things that makes you step out of your comfort zone, try new things, meet new people.
Remember that some of the best things happen when you're out of your comfort zone, so learn to be crazy sometimes and say yes to making new memories.

Is there anyone around you that makes you feel bad about yourself? Understand, that no one has the right to do that and make sure to cut ties with them. You don't need negativity in your life.
Instead surround yourself with people that inspire you, are kind to you, surround yourself with good, positive people.

Take a walk, do yoga, exercise, go for a run, dance around, do your favorite thing, that get's you moving. The more you move, the happier and healthier you feel.
Also, calm your mind by practicing meditation, I personally find it so difficult to just stay still with my mind, so what helps me is guided meditation, try it out, you might grow to love it.

Social media can be a pretty great thing for sure, but too much of it can become so bad for your mind. Once you start spending too much time on platforms such as Instagram or Facebook you might start comparing yourself...your life, your body, whatever it is, it's bad for you and definitely won't help you with loving yourself. Remember that people choose what to post on social media, it's only the part of their lives that they chose to share, it's not everything.

Make sure you get enough sleep! If you get enough sleep you'll feel so much better, your mood will be better, you'll feel healthier, sleep makes it all better.
Try to have a sleeping routine, which means going to bed and waking up at similar times.

Create your own morning routine, that will get you ready for the day, make you feel more energized and will put you in a good mood, in a mood for going after your dreams. Get yourself motivated each morning.
You can incorporate thing such as having a cup of tea, listening to an inspiring talk, reading a book, writing a journal or treating your skin to a face mask. Find what makes you feel ready for the day.

Eating healthy is important, the healthier you eat - the better you feel. However, don't get yourself obsessed with food, it's okay to have some chocolate when you're craving it, or eat that pizza while watching your favorite TV series.
Make sure, that you enjoy what you're eating, and don't make yourself feel bad about it afterwards. All you have to do is keep the balance and next time eat something healthier.
Learn to have a healthy relationship with food.

Do something that you love each day. Listen to music while dancing around. Watch a movie. Read a book. Meet a friend. Visit an art gallery. Go to that cute cafe. Have a pamper session.
We all have different preferences in what we love doing, so do at least one thing each day, that you fully enjoy, that makes you feel happy, something that makes you forget all the worries.

What are your thoughts on self love? Do you have any tips?

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  1. These are all so good! I particularly love learning to say no without an explanation. It's great to say no, but I know I tend to feel that I need an excuse when saying no.. then somehow I end up saying yes because my excuse was weak!

  2. love this post, i posted one similar to this today as well but it affects you different when you hear other people’s ideas. thanks for sharing this x

    mich /

  3. Totally agree with all the points. Self care is so so important, especially in this day and age! Your happiness and well being should come first! <3

  4. I think so many people forget that they have to love themselves first and everything else will go so much smoother. Self care has fallen out of style and I love seeing people bring it back.