Skincare skincare skincare, is it really so important to have a daily skincare routine? I would say yes, skin is the largest organ in the body, right? So obviously, it needs to be taken care of.
Now, I'm not an expert, and my skin is not perfect, but I went to through so many different stages, at some point I didn't care for my skin like at all, cause it was fine anyways, at some point it was such a pain to me, cause I had to fight acne, basically, sometimes I didn't care at all, sometimes I went too overboard with skincare, why I say that? Because I just didn't know better, I probably didn't even read the ingredients before buying stuff, which means way too much harsh stuff used on the skin.
However, through the years, I learnt more and more about it, and now I'm finally at peace with my skin and skin care, even if it breaks out sometimes, it's okay, I know that everything is under control.

Why Korean Skincare Routine? Because I really wanted to try something new and really different from what I was using before, which was only a few products, usually I only used, umm probably like two products in my skincare routine, well, to be honest who am I kidding, I didn't even have such a thing as skincare routine. However, I bought this skincare set from the brand called Klairs and it just makes it so easy to actually have a step by step routine. Oh, and I also include just a simple coconut oil in this routine.
Why I decided to try Klairs products? Well, at first, my friend told me about them, and I wanted to try Korean skincare for quite some time now, so when I realized, that this brand not only has great ingredients, but also is cruelty free, I was like, oh yes I'm so going to try it, and here I am.

Let's get started with the skincare routine steps, shall we?

This is so important! Actually, even if you didn't wear any makeup that day, don't ever skip this step, why? Because it will help clean off all the dirt and impurities.
For this step, use an oil based cleanser, or an actual oil. I would definitely recommend coconut oil, as it cleans off makeup really well, yeah even waterproof mascara, it also has anti bacterial properties, and of course it's moisturizing.
If using oil sounds weird to you, just give it a try, you'll see how great it works, plus oil actually fights oil, so it's perfect even if you have oily skin.
Wonder how to use it? Massage it all over your face and neck, rinse away, repeat if needed. You can also use a cotton pad if necessary to clean off makeup. 


Once you cleansed your face with oil, it's time for a foam cleanser. It will clean off all the remaining oil and impurities.
Just make sure, that you use a cleanser, that doesn't contain any harsh ingredients, you don't want to irritate your skin, right?
Oh, and if you want to clean your skin really well, I would also recommend trying out a konjac sponge.

  • EXFOLIATE (up to twice a week)
Exfoliating is so important if you want to have a smooth, soft skin, seriously, do this at least once a week, and you'll see how soft your skin feels after doing that, as it helps to get rid of all the dead skin cells.
Either buy a gentle facial scrub, or make your own at home, if you don't feel like buying one or making anything, at least scrub your face with some coffee.

Wonder why toner is so important? First of all, it balances your skin's pH levels, and secondly it prepares your skin for the following skincare treatments. So, don't skip this step.
Don't forget to use something refreshing, hydrating and gentle on your skin, always check the ingredients.

This step is a skin-perfecting step, if you could say that, as it actually helps repair your skin. Of course, it will also give your skin that extra boost and moisture.

Want that glowing skin? Moisturizing is the key! Want to keep your skin healthy, protected and hydrated? Don't forget to moisturize every morning and evening.
Of course, find the right moisturizer/cream/lotion for you, depending on your skin type.

  • SPF
No, it's not just about not getting too tanned in the sun haha it's about preventing premature aging, seriously, want your skin to stay non wrinkly for a long time? Keep it safe by shielding it with sun protection. Whenever you go outside, remember that.

If just moisturizer is not enough, you could also use a separate cream for the eye area, and on the days when you're feeling like your skin needs that extra help, use a sheet mask, or a sleeping pack.

Okay, so this is my skincare routine at the moment. Before I practically only used coconut oil, I cleansed my face with it, then moisturized it with it, as I thought the less the better. However, I decided to give this kind of skincare a chance and I'm more than happy with it. Now I'd rather say, more skincare products, less makeup.

What is your skincare routine like at the moment? And do you think it's important? Let me know if you have any great tips!

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  1. great ingredients and cruelty free sound amazing!
    this skincare routine is very helpful, I honestly forget the SPF all the time and it's so bad!

    thank you so much for sharing!

    1. really glad you enjoyed this post! :) oh, and yes I'm a bit guilty of forgetting SPF too, need to get used to it hehe xx

  2. Love that its cruelty free! My friend is Korean and she always shows me the most amazing products x

    1. Yes I love it even more because of the fact, that it's cruelty free! :) oh lucky you, I bet there are so many amazing products! x

  3. I really wanna get into Korean skincare. Everyone seems to love it!


    Tamara -

    1. definitely recommend to try it out! hehe xx

  4. Korean skincare is so trendy right now and I so into it. Awesome post!


    1. ahh I know, me too! haha thankyou :) glad you liked it!

  5. I swear by coconut oil! It's such a little treasure stored away in my bathroom cupboard. When it comes to skincare, Korean brands are on another level - they are fantastic! Every couple of months I order a huge haul from and the majority of the products ordered are always Korean - UK brands bare no comparison whatsoever.

    Great review <3

    Lots of Love,

    1. I agree with you 100% :) I will have to check out, I will probably find even more great things to try out. Thanks a lot for the recommendation <3

  6. I always love reading about other peoples' skincare routines as it gives me ideas on what I could possibly incorporate into my own routine. Korean skincare products are also the best, and you just reminded me that I actually picked up a konjac sponge while in the US and still need to use it!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. me too! those kind of posts always gives me inspiration :)
      oh yes do that, I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy using it! hehe

  7. I've heard so much about Korean skincare, but haven't decided whether I want to pay full price plus shipping yet. But the fact that it's cruelty free is a huge plus! I love the way you've written out the steps as well. :)

    Kyia at WANDERLUSTGIRL// lifestyle & beauty
    Follow me via BLOGLOVIN

    1. I'm really glad you enjoyed the post :) oh, I know, sometimes I don't buy things just because of the shipping cost haha, however I loved wishtrend, because as I bought all of this, shipping was totally free :)