Kindness: encourage people

Are you one of those people that like to encourage others to pursue their dream? Or do you bring people down by telling them that their dream might be impossible to reach?
And it's not just about other people, what about yourself? Once you get an idea to write a book, start a brand, move to a different country, start a blog, whatever it you go for it? or do you think of all the obstacles you might encounter and talk yourself out of even trying it out?

To live a positive, happy, successful life learn to encourage yourself and others.
I think it's one of the most beautiful things when someone gets an idea to try something, to create something new and you can see such a passion in their eyes when they're talking about it.
If someone is really excited and passionate about an idea, I think they should always pursuit it, even if it won't work out, it's all about the journey and experiences.

So what does this have to do with kindness? I think that it's so important to be kind to yourself and others, and being encouraging is one of the ways to be kind.

Let's check a simple list of ideas how to be kind and encouraging:

People are different, we all have different minds, different dreams, goals and ideas. When someone tells you about their views, their goals, don't judge them, not everyone has to think the way you do. Be kind and listen to them, try to understand, and let's say if leaving a good and stable 9-5 job, moving to a different country, going after a dream of becoming an actor sounds stupid to you, it might be exactly what will make the other person happy. Don't judge just based on your own views, but try to understand the other person too.
The same goes for yourself, if you want to change something in your life, don't judge yourself, don't say things like 'what if it won't work out?', 'what if I'm only gonna end up looking stupid?', 'what will other people think?', if you have goals, dreams, hype yourself up, hype other people up, be encouraging and go for it.

We so often talk ourselves out of doing something exciting, because we are scared of being judged. When in reality, people don't even pay that much attention to you, they're too busy paying attention to what others think of them.
If you don't pay attention to what others are going to think or what they're doing, it's way easier to be kind and encouraging.
Be yourself, go after your own goals, forget what people think, listen to the ones that are good to you, that motivate you. It's all about building each other up.

Sometimes to reach their full potential, to be able to achieve great things people need to be reminded of how wonderful they are, they need to be encouraged, they need to be believed it.
Remind yourself that you're capable of achieving anything you want, and remind that to your friends and family too.
Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you, and make sure you bring out the best in other people.

If you see something nice in someone - tell them. Of course it can be about their hair, shoes or smile, but it can also be about how they're funny, kind, how they treat other people, whatever it is you like about the person, tell them. Sometimes that's all a person needs for their day to become better.
This is also a way to be kind and encourage people.

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